26th April - Phil and Helen visit the source.

As mentioned in a previous post, Phil and Helen still needed to visit the source of the River North Tyne at Deadwater, to complete stage one of the walk. I'd visited earlier in the year with my family. Today was the day they got there and what a great day they had.

Once again the forecast for Kielder wasn't great but thankfully they had some great weather with only a little bit of rain towards the end. Helen has kindly provided some great pictures of their journey to the source.

Phil and Helen opted to park at Kielder Castle and walk up to Deadwater and back again, making the walk around 7 miles in total.

Once at the obelisk they quickly located the small spring. They enjoyed a short rest and a bite of lunch before setting off back towards Kielder. 

They both had a great day walking to the source and are pleased to of now completed all of stage one.
We are all looking forward to getting stuck in to the next stages with dates planned in May and June.

10th March 2019 Completing stage one at Kielder

After a lovely walk in February with my family to find the source of the River North Tyne and then walking back into Kielder my husband and kids all agreed that coming back to complete the rest of this stage and to walk the full length of Kielder reservoir, some twelve miles, would be too much for them. So, as mentioned in a previous post I enlisted the help of my good friends, Helen and Phil. They are both seasoned walkers and the three of us make a fantastic team. Helen is a cancer survivor and over the years has been involved in a lot of fund raising events, raising money for Cancer Research including the 'Relay for life' and 'March on cancer', to name but a few. We both took part in the 2018 'March on cancer' and decided to wear our hats, we also brought a spare along for Phil. As this walk is dedicated to those affected by cancer, something close to all our hearts, it just felt like the right thing to do!

We set a date and had arranged to meet at the bott…

24th Feb 2019. The start of an epic adventure.

The first section of the walk starts at the source of the River North Tyne in Deadwater, a few miles north of Kielder, on the border of England and Scotland. There is a large, stone obelisk, marking the source of the river. This section is a total of 15 miles, following the water as it turns from a trickling spring, to a stream and then to a small river. The river then joins Kielder Reservoir and you walk the length of the reservoir to the dam. Today though, as I had my two young children and husband with me, we planned to only walk from the car park in Kielder town to the source and back again. A total of 7 miles, which is pretty much their limit. (Helen and Phil have planned to do this walk together at a later date)
We parked our car in the car park near Kielder Castle and set off back down the road to try and pick up the trail, keeping a look out for the 'Daft as a Brush' way-markers. I was armed with a backpack full of drinks and treats to keep everyone motivated - its am…

2018 -The book and how the adventure began

Back in 2018 I was looking for a walk to do with Chance, something a bit meatier than what I'd been doing, a project to really get my teeth into. I came across this walk, The Daft as a Brush River Tyne Trail: sources to sea. I knew from quite early into reading up on it online, that this was exactly what I was looking for. I also knew I would need help so, after a chat in the pub with my good friend Phil, I quickly had my first companion on board. Then a short time later, following a phone call to my good friend Helen, (who literally screamed "YES!" down the phone before I could finish my question) I hand my second companion! Chance and I have done many walks with Helen. So much so that every time Helen comes to our home he goes crazy. In Chance's mind Helen equals, ADVENTURE!

The walk is a total of 135 miles, broken down into 12 manageable stages. Raging from 6 to 15 miles. The River has two sources, the River North Tyne in Northumberland and the River South Tyne i…