25th August 2019 - Stage 5. Source of River South Tyne to Alston

'Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen!'
So here we are again. After what has felt like forever, we eventually managed to get our boots back on and complete some more of this wonderful walk. Sadly, due to work commitments, Helen, our third musketeer and resident photographer couldn't join us this time. 
Phil, myself and the Hairy Hiker met at Alston early doors. We left my car there and headed to the starting point in Phil's car. Although it was still quite early it was already very warm. Little did we know how warm the day was actually going get....
We made a mistake at the very beginning and set off along the left hand, narrower path which took us down a hill towards some buildings. It took us 10 minutes to realise we were going the wrong way and we had to walk all the way back to the start and start again!
The walk to the source was a pleasant one, albeit quite steep in places. The footpath was relatively busy with dog walkers and cyclists enjoy the sunny morning. The Hairy …

23rd June 2019 - Stage 4. Barrasford to Warden and the end of the North Tyne Section.

Day 2 of our weekend away. We woke at around 7:30am after a comfortable night in our cosy little cottage. We had a slow morning of coffees and toast before packing up and heading out to Barrasford, which was some 35mins drive away.  
We parked up in the Barrasford Arms pub car park where the owner came out to chat to us about where we were going and kindly offered to fill any bottles with water before wishing us a good day. Phil assures us that this pub does some fantastic food. If I'm ever back in the area I'll be sure to try it out.

We set off just before 10am. Thankfully the weather was a little cooler than the day before and a little overcast to start. We headed off down the road and it wasn't long before we found the river and rejoined the trail.

Although we were aching from the day before, we all had a spring in our step at the thought of a shorter walk today, and the prospect of being at the end of the River North Tyne by lunch time. Something that seemed so far aw…

22nd June 2019 - Stage 3. Bellingham to Barrasford

After completing stage 1, we put our heads together and hatched a plan - to complete two of the North Tyne stages in one weekend, with an overnight stay nearby. We looked at the remaining stages and decided stages 3 and 4 would be the best ones to combine in this section. By doing this we would be completing a larger walk on on day 1, followed by a smaller walk on day 2. We all agreed that this suited our walking abilities perfectly. We completed stage 2 back in May.
We'd left it quite late to arrange our accommodation so we did end up in a cottage some 40 minutes away from the river. This didn't matter too much to us but did cause one or two issues with start/finish times. 

As usual, we had the use of two cars, we met at the finish point for today, Barrasford. We all jumped in Phil's car and headed up to Bellingham, chatting excitedly about our weekend ahead and the prospect of completing the North Tyne section.

We set off from Bellingham just before 10am, after a quick …

19th May 2019 - Stage 2. Kielder Dam to Bellingham

Today we set out to complete the second stage of the walk, walking from Kielder Dam to Belllingham. The guide book advised us the walk was just over 12 miles but we managed to clock up 13.4 miles. We were luckier with the weather this time, we did see a few dubious looking clouds but the day stayed dry and warm.
Just like last time, we had the use of two cars. We left my car in Bellingham and set off up to the Dam in Phil's car. 
After parking at Yarrowmoor we set off across the Dam at 10:30, taking in the beautiful views across the reservoir and reminiscing about our previous walk along its banks only a few months earlier. We were pretty hopeful of no snow today!
After crossing the Dam and joining the track we quite quickly found ourselves in Falstone where we stopped for a quick drink and a change of footwear for me. My new boots are proving to be a bit of a nightmare so I spent the rest of the walk in trainers.

Today proved rather difficult for the Hairy Hiker, having to get h…